Compressed Air Foam Training and Education Starts Right Here

Need training? One hundred percent of departments trained by the CAFS Institute agree — our training can teach you to use CAFS more effectively for structure firefighting. CAFS Institute professional trainers conduct Compressed Air Foam Strategy and Tactics Training at your location. The objective of the Institute’s training curriculum is to maximize your firefighting capability. Classroom sessions followed by live fire training in reusable burn buildings or acquired structures reinforce foam application best practices. Contact us today to find out more. The CAFS Institute recently launched a groundbreaking live fire research program — the CAFS Institute’s “Delivery Rate Research Project.” In association with an ad-hoc group of fire industry professionals, the goal is to quantify the benefits of using compressed air foam in regard to comparing it to water only application. The Project uses instrumented acquired structures and real world firefighting techniques. If you have access to a suitable acquired structure and would like to become part of this research project, contact us. Need information? Don’t leave without looking at our free resource page, with feature articles on the use of compressed air foam. The CAFS Institute Bookstore is full of CAFS training and education materials, text books and videos. The latest addition is an over 700-page Research Binder with 39 individual, hard to find research papers covering all aspects of compressed air foam application. This extensive reference binder is a must have on every fire instructor’s desk. The CAFS Institute is proud to announce our “50% in 10” Initiative. Simply, our mission is to increase the fire service’s rate of effective implementation of CAFS technology. Our goal is to see 50% of the over 30,000 individual fire districts within the United States adopt compressed air foam technology in the next 10 years. If you agree with our “50% in 10” initiative, or want to learn more, let us know – drop us an e-mail
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